Gabion Stream bank protection

for a new 42" water line.

Construction of a 10,800 square foot public shopping pavilion with special design considerations for flood protection, air handling, and accessibility for the disabled.

Construction of a new chemical building for an increased volume of chemical stored at a municipal water treatment plant. 

Constructed 10 million gallon excess flow retention basin with automated return flow system, new UV disinfection system, and other improvements to rerate TF/SC plant from 5.91 to 8.0 MGD ADF.

Expanded Huisman Orbal activated sludge facility from 0.3 to 0.6 million gallons per day.

Reconstruction of existing pond system, rehabilitation of the 16.5 acre irrigation site, and construction of two lift stations and bar screen.

Construction of a 600,000 gallon composite-type elevated water storage tank, property acquisition, and SCADA system.

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Replacement of sedimentation basin effluent weir troughs at drinking water plant.

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